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100% Pure & Natural Vitamin E Oil 2 oz

$ 14.99 USD

POWERFUL 100% PURE VITAMIN E OIL is the natural nutrient your skin craves. Has a very potent ability to block free radicals that cause aging. Reduces wrinkles to keep your skin youthful looking.

 100% PURE VITAMIN E OIL is the ultimate for anyone who wants super healthy skin and hair. This natural vitamin is so needed by your body that skin creams usually put a few drops in each jar. We go many steps further by giving you PURE Vitamin E made from superior quality organic wheat germ. This is the finest sourced Vitamin E you can buy. And available here at a bargain price that can't be beat.

HELPS REPAIR & REBUILD TISSUE for more beautiful skin. Also makes your hair look richer, fuller, and younger. Vitamin E is one of your body's basic building blocks. Using a few drops a day helps your body repair itself.

NO Fillers

No Additives


Precaution: Vitamin E oil is a concentrated product and may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.Always perform a skin patch test.

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