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Tropical Holistic

100% Pure Pumpkin Seed Oil 4 oz

$ 16.99 USD

FINALLY, 100% PURE ORGANIC UNREFINED PUMPKIN SEED OIL! This is the supreme oil that so many people have been searching for. We don't use any fillers, stretchers, or substitutes. This product has only ONE ingredient: 100% PURE Pumpkin Seed Oil. We do NOT refine it so you get this marvelous natural nutrient in its purest state. Why? Keep reading...

* 100% PURE PUMPKIN SEED OIL for maximum effectiveness. Just a few drops massaged into skin and hair create the "Pumpkin Seed Miracle." Hair looks younger, healthier, with richer color and greater body. Helps clear skin of blemishes and makes it look years younger.

 * ORGANIC AND UNREFINED for your safety and satisfaction. While store brands will only include a small portion of Pumpkin Seed Oil in their products, we give you 100% Pure Oil of the very highest quality. This ultimate oil gives you far greater benefits.

 *REDUCES HARMFUL CHOLESTEROL, SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH, helps diminish joint pain and can even stop headaches for some. Filled with important nutrients your body needs but doesn't often get. Just look at all these natural acids that are present in a single drop of our oil: Myristic, Palmitic, Palmitoleic, Stearic, Oleic, Linoleic, Linolenic, Arachidic, Gadoleic, Behenic.

 * USED TO DECREASE HOT FLASHES and other symptoms of Menopause. It also help decreases joint pain and headaches. Increases  HDL levels, the “good” cholesterol your body needs for excellent health.


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