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Blessing In A Cup

Get Me Up Ground Coffee 16 oz

$ 21.95 USD

Our stunning Get Me Up ground coffee is a new and innovative experience that can electrify your body and awaken your spirit even on a super-rough morning.

FOR STRONG CHARACTERS: Wake up with a cup of extra-strong coffee that only our Get Me Up Ground beans can offer! This unique deep dark roast gourmet coffee is a new and innovative experience designed for those of you who enjoy an extra-strong cup of joe to wake them up even on the foggiest morning.

EXTRA DARK ROAST COFFEE: Unlike any other coffee blend, our arabica coffee beans are deep roasted until the oil surrounds the bean, a unique process that leads to the perfect brew aroma and intense taste.

QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE: This extra-dark roast coffee is great for your espresso machine, French press, and coffee pot. The 16 oz bags are carefully sealed to keep the flavor intact until opening.

SMOOTH & VELVETY TEXTURE: The organic deep dark coffee has a strong, yet smooth and clean taste that will wake you up in an instant. The flavor is bold, but not bitter, so you can sip and enjoy this stunning coffee every morning with no restraints.

CERTIFIED BEANS: To make sure that we deliver the absolute best, our fresh gourmet coffee beans are organically sourced. They are also kosher certified and check the highest quality standards. Each batch is made with 100% arabica beans, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Ingredients & Directions

Ingredients: 100% Organic Arabica  Ground Coffee


Suggested Use: 1 Tablespoon of Coffee for every 6 fl oz of water.  However, if you can use more or less coffee to get your desired strength of coffee.

Brewing Method: You can use this product with Keurig, Drip Method, Pour Over, Aeropress, Percolator, French Press and many other ways. Our personal favorite method is French Press! What's your favorite method?

Storage: We recommend to squeeze all the air out bag. Then roll and seal the bag with the closure attached at the top of the bag. Store in a cool dry place.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Flavorful Get Me Up ground coffee;
  • 100% arabica beans;
  • Extra-deep dark roast;
  • Quantity: 16 oz;
  • Sealed packaging to preserve the flavor;
  • Ultra-strong taste;
  • Made with rich, smooth, full-bodied whole coffee beans;
  • Certified organic and Kosher;
  • Easy to prepare;
  • Great for espresso shots, café latte, cappuccino, americano, and flat white.

 Get a sip of our Get Me Up ground coffee and you’ll instantly fall in love with our ultra-dark roast!