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Squalane Oil 4oz - 100% Pure & Natural Vegan Facial Oil

$ 26.99 USD

* Finest Squalane from Natural Olives - Our natural Squalane Oil comes entirely from high quality fresh Olives. This is nature's richest source of potent Squalane from plants. No sharks are harmed. We insist on this excellent oil from a plentiful renewable fruit resource that gives back to the environment.

* Powerful Moisturizer for Beautiful Face - Squalane Oil is perhaps the nicest thing you can do for your face and skin. Rich in molecule C30H50 that is naturally secreted by the body's sebum. That's why Squalane works so well for bringing deep, healing, rejuvenating moisture to all areas of your body. Filled with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

* Gentle for Sensitive Skin - Squalane Oil from Olives is lightweight and gentle for sensitive skin suffering from blemishes, breakouts, and acne. It's noncomedegenic and won't clog pores. It goes to work naturally to seal in moisture for soft, youthful skin that looks great and feels much more comfortable.

* Ideal for Youthful Hair - Naturally helps replenish strands and protect hair from damage. Simply place a few drops of our Squalane Oil into the palm of your hand and massage into scalp and roots. It leaves hair softer and shiny. Comb through to ends of hair for maximum improvement.

* Great Gift Idea - This makes a loving gift for birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, and any time you want to give something nice. Many people enjoy the quality so much they stock up with several containers to continue the natural benefits. Get yours while we have this top quality 100% plant based Squalane Oil from Olives. It's selling fast after being recommended by popular beauty influencers.