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Tropical Holistic

Moringa Oleifera Premium Superfood 800MG, 60 Vegan Capsules

$ 14.99 USD

  • 100% PURE ALL NATURAL MORINGA PLANT Capsules in the big 60 count bottle. This is the ultimate Dietary Supplement to give you a much better night's sleep without having to take harsh, habit forming drugs
  • ANTIOXIDANT FIGHTS FREE RADICALS to help you maintain better health while looking and feeling younger. Effective in reducing inflammation which is the source of most illness.
  • STRENGTHENS BRAIN FUNCTION with its high content of vitamins E and C that fight oxidation leading to neuron degeneration. Effectively maintains cognition and memory to ward off senior moments or periods of confusion
  • GIVES YOU A HAPPY, PLEASANT MOOD each morning when you wake up from a full night's sleep. Family will notice this pleasant improvement right away. You will get more accomplished at work and challenges will no longer seem as difficult.