Almond Oil is the Answer for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Almond Oil is the Answer for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Sweet almond oil made from nutritional almonds is wonderful for the skin.

Apply a few drops under the eyes for those dark, puffy circles and in a few days, your eyes will be brighter and less puffy.

History of Almond Oil

Almond oil has been used for centuries and in many ancient traditional Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern medicines for its superior benefits to health.

It is high in Vitamin E and K and essential fatty acids,

Almond oil is hypoallergenic and is good for sensitive skin.

Benefits for Almond Oil

Many recommend to slightly warm the almond oil before use, so I prefer you to use the stove versus a microwave which destroys the nutrients.

It is easier for the body to absorb a warm oil which is closer to body temperature.

  1. It can be used with food since studies show it's very beneficial for helping control cholesterol and cardiovascular issues, and keeping sugar levels in range.
  2. Softens ear wax buildup and ear pain for children.
  3. It acts as a natural laxative and is effective for constipation.
  4. It is a must for skin care, like eczema or psoriasis, and relief of dry itching irritations.
  5. You can say good-bye to circles under the eyes, rub lightly under the eye on dark or puffy areas every evening. You should see a difference in a few days of consecutive use.
  6. Almond oil is even good for your pets’ skin.
  7. It helps prevent sun damage and anti-aging skin, smooths scars, and stretch marks.
  8. It may help with weight loss and body composition. 

How to Use Almond Oil

Look for unrefined, sweet almond oil for best results.

You can use the oil topically, by rubbing or massaging into skin in problem areas.

If you want to help any internal health systems you can take almond oil orally with food. Use it as salad dressing, with veggie stews or in smoothies.

It is also a great carrier oil for use with essential oil blends.




Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist and is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant helping individuals with health programs to improve life and happiness. She is a writer, speaker and owner of several businesses.







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