Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil comes from the fruit rinds of an evergreen citrus tree. They are native trees to Southeast Asia and they grow along the Ivory Coast, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Bergamot was also widely cultivated in Italy, hence its name, from the city of Bergamo, Italy.

The plant, Citrus Bergamia is defined as a hybrid between a sour orange and a lemon. It is the oil commonly used in Earl Gray black tea.

Bergamot oil has a sweet smell and due to its great compounds, Limonene, Linalool and many others it has many uses in both medicinal and industrial products.

Bergamot has the ability to be both uplifting and calming. It helps with anxious, sad or depressed feelings.

Key Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

  1. Supports immunity by fighting bacteria and decreasing stress that leads to illness, you can inhale Bergamot oil or add a few drops to a warm water bath.
  2. Encourages lymphatic drainage. Apply by rubbing a few drops on bottom of your feet before bed. Or use with a carrier oil and massage in arms, legs, breasts and neck areas to relax and move lymph fluid for drainage.
  3. Helps digestive systems. It can activate and increase secretion of digestive acids, and enzymes. It can also help by regulating the peristaltic motion of the intestines.

All of these actions quicken the digestive process and the movement of food thru the digestive system. The use of Bergamot oil results in less gastrointestinal discomfort or disease complications.


  1. Improves blood circulation. This circulation movement helps improve all body systems hormone secretions and moods.
  2. Manages food cravings and helps to control hunger pangs. This can help with weight loss programs.
  3. Dispels negativity, anxiety and depression. It helps release emotional pain and tension. Creates feelings of joy,
  4. Skin purifying and cleansing.
  5. Relieves joint and muscle pain.
  6. Soothes skin irritation and inflammation.
  7. Protection from all germs, toxins and worms. It has been used to rid the body of bacterial infections, intestinal worms and toxins from bacteria, like Tetanus.


Suggested uses for Bergamot Essential oil.

Apply to the skin while in a warm shower, inhale deeply to calm yourself and it will cleanse your skin at the same time.

For protection from germs you can inhale, use a diffuser or rub bergamot oil on the skin. For instance for intestinal worms rub on the abdominal area to kill worms; use daily till you see expelled worms.

It can minimize scars, like from acne, by toning and tightening of the skin. Rub on areas that need attention.

You can also use it for a deodorant or air freshener. Use in a diffuser or directly on skin, underarm, as a deodorant.

Bergamot essential oil may be able to be used in place of statins, per recent research in Journal of Natural Products, It was found to have the same principles but no side effects. Statin drugs are used by many people to control their cholesterol.

It can also speed up healing of cold sores and the Herpes virus including Shingles.

Is Bergamot Oil safe? Yes, in general it is very safe. It can cause photo- sensitivity, so do not go into the sun after application on skin.

Not advisable to use if on potassium supplements, since it can deplete your amounts of potassium.



Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, is a Natural Health Consultant helping individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.



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