Cocoa Butter Wafers

Cocoa Butter Wafers

Cocoa butter is a cream-colored edible fat, called Theobroma oil, used to make both chocolate for eating and for skincare.

I know your 1st thought of Cocoa is chocolate dessert! And of course, it is great for fudgy cakes and cookies.

Did you know this tasty cocoa is also a cosmetic staple for skin creams and other beauty products? It moisturizes skin and makes hair beautiful and easier to manage.

History of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa has been used for over 3,000 years in Ancient Aztecs and Mayans cultures, it was even used for currency.

Cocoa Butter fat comes from the cocoa beans or pods produced by the cocoa tree. They naturally contain Vitamin E and K, antioxidants and fatty acids.

The beans in the pods are dried, cleaned, roasted and pressed to separate the fat or butter. Then, the remaining pods are processed into cocoa powder.

Our premium cocoa beans are harvested in organic fields in Peru. They are made into thin wafer size pellets of cocoa butter, easier to use in this pellet size and packaged in the USA.

 Cocoa Butter Benefits

Today, researchers discovered healthy phytochemicals in Cocoa will help your body and skin heal and rejuvenate.

Raw food-grade Cocoa is great in recipes like smoothies, coffee or your favorite dessert.

It has a silky, smooth quality giving your recipes a delicious character and a great aroma.

  • Cocoa is high in essential fats, it hydrates and nourishes skin, improves elasticity and forms a protective barrier over the skin holding in moisture.
  • It improves blood flow, due to the theobromine compound which is a vasodilator, reducing blood pressure.
  • Slows aging of the skin and helps reduce inflammation.
  • It can be used for smoothing out stretch marks after pregnancy.
  • It can be helpful for rashes and skin issues like eczema.
  • Great for lips, hair, and skin lotions by blending cocoa with other ingredients and oils.

Cocoa butter has mixed fatty acids, including palmitic, stearic, oleic acids along with antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids.

Many of these benefits for skin improvement are anecdotal or evidence-based since there have only been few scientific studies to confirm skin benefits.

 How to Use Cocoa Butter Wafers

Cocoa butter wafers can be used for skin products, if desired you can combine or blend cocoa butter wafers together with coconut oil or shea butter and use for shaving, for hair conditioner, and dry skin issues.

One benefit of Cocoa butter is oil stays solid at room temps but then softens and melts at higher temperatures; this may make it easier to work with.

Our cocoa is fair trade certified, is vegan-friendly and has had no animal testing.

There have been some reports of sensitivity to cocoa products or allergic reactions. Some people may react to the theobromine compound with headaches or upset stomachs.

 Summary on Cocoa Butter Wafers

In final thoughts, Cocoa butter is very useful for skin products and have very healthy and beneficial compounds for the body.

Cocoa butter has been used in food recipes to make chocolate, which has become one of the most functional and important foods in human history.



Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist and Nutritional Health Consultant.  Helps individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.



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