Green Coffee Bean Oil

Is coffee your morning boost or shot of energy? If so then you could also be using the oil from the coffee bean for your skin….to wake it up and give it a boost of collagen and a wake up look for your eyes.

How Coffee Bean Oil is produced:

Green coffee bean oil means the beans are cold pressed but never roasted. This oil is higher in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, high Vitamin E and other nutrients, especially since heat has not been used to process bean.

This is most beneficial for anti -aging of the skin. It is also higher in caffeine which seems to have a greater benefit for controlling wrinkles and diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet.


Benefits of Coffee Bean Oil

  1. Soothes wrinkles.
  2. Great for cellulite damage.
  3. Skin moisture control.
  4. Helps with skin hyperpigmentation, like aging spots.
  5. Increases collagen and elastin of skin.
  6. Treats sunburn and UV damage.
  7. Anti -inflammatory and anti- oxidant benefits.
  8. Improves respiratory health.
  9. Improves the immune system and helps fight abnormal cell growth.

Facts about Coffee Bean Oil

Coffee bean oil is high in natural fatty acids beneficial in skin care formulations. It has large amounts of linoleic, palmitic and oleic acids.

It has stimulating effects which is why it makes great massage oil.

A few drops of coffee bean oil in your bath water can ease your muscle aches.

It can be particularly helpful for people who have low metabolism or low appetite. This is due to the fragrant smell of coffee which impacts the limbic system, stimulating these body systems. Simply inhale to get these affects.

It also works in fighting allergies by helping the body decrease its reaction response time. This will reduce the strain on the immune system, giving it more time to work in other defenses.

A vaporizer or inhaling the coffee bean oil is the best way to receive its benefits. Or using externally, rubbing the oil on the skin is the next best; as long as you have no reaction on the skin.

Also, it can help by decreasing anxiety and depression due to the warm aroma of coffee; it relaxes and provides a general feeling of calmness.

Prevents Chronic Disease

Due to the high amount of anti -oxidant compounds in coffee bean oil it reduces oxidative stress. It increases blood flow to the cells and assists in preventing infections.

Believe it or not it can improve the digestive systems due to its chemical compounds; it helps with constipation, nausea and irritable bowel syndrome.

These antioxidants can actually optimize the digestive system and ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients into your system.

Side effects of Coffee Bean Oil

When using it on the skin it can sometimes cause irritation or itching.

Some people do have allergies to the coffee bean; it is from the caffeine chemical; it is especially allergic when consumed internally. If you have a reaction, discontinue use.

Generally, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or for young children.



Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, is a Natural Health Consultant helping individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.


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