How to Boost the Immune System Naturally?

How to Boost the Immune System Naturally?

I know many of you have read a lot about what to do during this COVID 19 virus pandemic.

Let me give you some natural ways to help boost the Immune system to fight off these viruses. We will talk about herbs and Essential oils (EO).

This will include suggestions from Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and other supporting vitamins and food nutrients.

Of course, we need to continue the easy recommended cleaning of hands, homes, and devices and covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. 

Herbs and Foods to Boost Up the Immune System 

  1. Vitamin C and D are great immune boosters to fight infections. You can also get out in the sun for more Vitamin D, and the warm sun is great for this virus since it does not like heat.
  2. You could also add a little vitamin E and B complex to this for stimulating “killer cells” and helping with stress.
  3. You can try some herbs like Echinacea, Astragalus, Elderberry or Ginseng these herbs can shorten any virus infection by helping the immune system function better. These are available as syrup, extract, tea or capsule.
  4. Foods that can strengthen the immune system, help in fighting off infections are mushrooms, garlic, yellow, orange, and red veggies, berries, and nuts.
  5. Take Omega 3’s to help fortify the immune system and for lung protection. Try taking flaxseed oil or cod liver oil along with fish oil capsules.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated drink warm water, tea or coffee; and be sure to get enough sleep.
  7. Minerals that help boost your system include zinc and selenium that will increase your infection-fighting T cells. Zinc is in beef, turkey, beans, and oysters; while selenium is in shrimp, tuna, veggies, egg yolks, cottage cheese, and sunflower seeds. 

Essential Oils for Colds and Flu

Many of these viruses and bacteria cause congestion and respiratory illness from breathing in these organisms. 

  1. Eucalyptus EO is great for opening up the airways and stuffy noses. Rub some in the palm and cup your nose, breathe in deeply to reach the lungs. Or use your diffuser in the bedroom to help with mucous.
  2. Peppermint EO helps with headaches, congestion and reducing fever. Rub on temples or chest with a carrier oil
  3. Lemon essential oil helps freshen and purify the air. It is an antibacterial and antiviral that is very effective against cold and allergy symptoms. Use in a diffuser in the bedroom or as a spray.
  4. Lavender and ginger EO is a great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Great neck and shoulder rub for tense muscles and a stressed body.
  5. A great immunity blend is citrus oils like lemon, orange, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and eucalyptus; mix with one ounce of carrier oil like jojoba or coconut. Mix well. Rub at the back of the neck, front of the neck, at the ears or chest and abdomen.

 Other Virus Fighting Methods 

Many of these viruses and bacteria, like the COVID-19, are cold-loving and like “damp body conditions” per TCM.

So, the best way to defeat them is to drink hot/warm drinks, hot foods such as; chili peppers, hot mustard, radishes, garlic, ginger, cayenne or horseradish, which will help liquefy the mucous.

Any therapies that create warm or sweating of the body will help keep these viruses at bay. These include hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, and hot teas.

 Dosages for Vitamins Herbs or EO’s

There are several beliefs about correct daily amounts of Vitamin C to consume. Your body can only absorb 500 mg at a time.

Some believe you can take vitamin C at much higher doses or whatever your body can handle up to 5,000 mg or more (before diarrhea starts). Especially, if you are fighting a virus or bacterial infection; then, of course, you might want to try it!

Or you could add more vitamin C foods, like green veggies, papaya, citrus fruits, and strawberries.

Vitamin D dosages go from 1,000 to 5,000 mg per day. Add a little sunshine to that and you can up the amount.

Herbs such as Elderberry, the #1 top herb against viruses, is usually found in a syrup form or a tea.

Many of the other herbs can be found in extracts like a tonic or tincture form, which is faster absorbing, or in capsule or tea form.

Essential oils should be used in methods described above or as a spray mixed with alcohol and water to freshen rooms and any exposed articles.

In Summary

I suggest practicing a few of these suggestions to add to your other cleaning recommendations.

Fight those viruses and bacteria with a few or all the above choices.

Stay healthy and be safe.



Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist and Nutritional Health Consultant.  Helps individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.


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