Key Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond oil gives you a variety of health benefits. It addresses your cholesterol, helps prevent inflammation, and supports cardiovascular health.

In Aromatherapy, its main use today is as carrier oil, by mixing it with an Essential Oil (EO), it helps hydrate the skin. Applied topically, it carries the benefits of blended EO into the body.

The almond fruit actually originated in Asia and the Middle East; called a “drupe”, it has an outer hull encasing a shell with the seed.

In cosmetics, almond oil is used in many lotions and creams; blended with other beneficial EO, plus minerals and vitamins. Like many other carrier oils, it is derived from the fatty portion of the plant, nut or seed.

Versus an essential oil, carrier oils do not evaporate easily and do not have any strong aromas.  Carrier oils do have a more defined shelf life and will become rancid over time.

Almond Oil Key Benefits

  1. Nourishes skin and hair due to its anti-oxidative properties and Vitamin A content.
  2. Protects skin from UV damage both before and after sun exposure.
  3. Fights acne by cleaning the debris and dirt from pores in the skin.
  4. Reduces inflammation which also helps reduce stress on the body and the cardiovascular system.
  5. Contains powerful compounds that help reduce cholesterol and makes your heart feel better.


Almond oil has an unusual benefit; to the energy market, as a source of alternative renewable biofuel. This new research is being studied now for these new possibilities.

The reason almond oil is so good for us is its rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, zinc and potassium.

Sweet, nutty almond oil comes exclusively from edible almonds. It can be used both on the skin and in cooking.

There is another type called bitter almond, but it is toxic since it contains cyanide. It can be used if the cyanide is extracted out, but only under doctor supervision.

Six Facts about Sweet Almond Oil

  1. It makes great massage oil, even for a baby’s skin. Suitable and soothing for after bath application.
  2. Safe for sensitive skin, less likely to cause any skin reactions or irritations.
  3. Almond oil is helpful in areas of skin chafing like on baby’s diaper areas or adult underwear irritations. Just rub a few drops until absorbed into skin.
  4. High in Vitamin E, almond oil helps with oxidative stress, one of the main reasons for loss of collagen.

Loss of collagen causes uneven, choppy and thinning of the skin. Using almond oil brings back the young look of supple and smooth skin.

  1. For healthy beautiful nails, rub warmed almond oil on nails daily to help nails with brittle, thin and chipped, and with white spots.
  2. If you know about the “Doctrine of Signatures” the shape of a plant or a food determines what organ it will nourish; in the almonds case, it is the heart. It contains high amounts of Omega 9 fatty acids, a great compound for heart health.


 It is not recommended for use if you have an allergy to almonds. You may have a mild to moderate reaction when using almond oil.



Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, is a Natural Health Consultant helping individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.


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