Moringa: A Super Food

Moringa: A Super Food

A powerful superfood, Moringa Oleifera, is a tree that grows in India, Pakistan and Nepal, is extremely nutritious and is unmatched in its range of medicinal benefits.

Moringa is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory used by natives to help prevent disease. It is also called the horseradish tree, Ben oil or the drumstick tree.

In 2008 the National Institutes of Health promoted the Moringa as “the plant of the year”.

Studies have found it can reverse many major environmental problems, provides aid for malnutrition and many other health needs.

All parts of the Moringa tree can be used. The leaf is used for powders to blend in with drinks or smoothies. There are supplements, teas and oils from the Moringa, ‘miracle’ tree.


Benefits of the Super Food Moringa

  1. nutrient packed tree, Moringa has minerals and vitamins like calcium and potassium; Vitamins A, B, C and E, and significant amounts of protein.
  2. It fights free radicals, the substances causing cell damage and inflammation.
  3. It has gained a reputation for fighting inflammation due to its flavonoids, quercitin, essential amino acids and beta carotene among many others.
  4. Balances hormones and slow aging
  5. Improves digestive health, it has been used in Ayurveda Indian Health system for stomach ulcers, liver, kidney, gastritis and intestinal infections. Studies show it is better than common anti- acids.
  6. It helps against constipation and diarrhea.
  7. Benefits the hair and skin. It is hydrating and detoxifying; helping rid the skin of pollutants, metals and erases wrinkles, cleanses and purifies the skin and hair.
  8. Moringa is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti- It is effective against the Herpes simplex virus. It helps prevent infection of food borne illnesses like Salmonella and E.Coli, aka ‘food poisoning’. It also inhibits the growth of fungus like yeast or Candida which some people are very susceptible too.
  9. Assists the immune system in destroying the abnormal growth of cells causing disease in the body.
  10. Cardiovascular benefits include heart, cholesterol, edema, anemia or low iron levels and hypertension. This is due to the isothiocyanate, a powerful anti-oxidant compound.
  11. Diabetes research has shown Moringa aids in decreasing blood sugar.
  12. Allergies and Asthma protection by relieving the bronchial airways of inflammation. It reduces the severity of asthma attacks and allergic This encourages better lung function and breathing capabilities.
  13. Moringa is helpful with kidney disease, preventing stone formation and ridding the kidney of toxic compounds.
  14. Helpful with sleep, depression and brain function.


Suggestions for Using Moringa


Moringa powder is easy to use:

  A. Use is as a supplement capsule. Or use the powder as a tea, or as an additive to    smoothies or sprinkled in food. You may need to add lemon and honey to your tea, if the  taste is too strong for you.

 B. Use is as a food; mix the powder or the whole leaf, if available, in cooking dishes.

 C. Use as an oil or extract, like for the hair or skin.


Overall, Moringa is Like a Miracle.

You can try using Moringa several ways to see how your body responds. Start slow with small amounts and increase it if you need. Heat does destroy good compounds like any other super food; so add it at the end of any cooked dish.



Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist, is a Natural Health Consultant helping individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.


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