Pomegranate:  A Super Nutritious Food and Oil

Pomegranate: A Super Nutritious Food and Oil

Pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity, it is red like our blood, and is considered vital for life and longevity. This fruit is considered “the fruit of the gods”, it is grown from Iran throughout the Mediterranean regions.

Punica granatum is a shrub, producing a red fruit, sort of like an apple, the skin is thick and not edible; the inside is filled with hundreds of edible red seeds covered with pulp, these are Arils.

These highly nutritious seeds can be eaten raw or processed into juice, powder or oil.

Pomegranate is high in Vitamin C, K, and Folate with 2 very special polyphenol compounds; Punicalagins (PU), with more than 3x the power of antioxidants of green tea or red wine, and Punicic acid a fatty acid, conjugated linoleic acid.

Several of the newest studies are showing that pomegranates can regenerate…our blood, cleansing our epithelial tissue and arteries.

Pomegranate oil can be used externally and internally, for cosmetic and medicinal uses. 

Beneficial Uses for Pomegranate Oil

  1. Pomegranate oil invigorates the skin, stimulating “Keratinocyte” cells in the outer layer of your skin, reversing skin damage and reviving skin to a younger look. It improves collagen formation.
  2. It fights free radicals with its Punicic acid an Omega 5 fatty acid, is an anti-inflammatory, decreasing occurrence of skin, prostate, and breast cancer cells.
  3. It improves skin texture due to pro-estrogen support, hormone balance for both men and women.
  4. Great for hair support; massage into scalp to stimulate blood flow and hair growth. It will counter premature hair loss.
  5. Pomegranate oil and juice has studies showing it’s great for the heart, improving oxygen, increasing blood flow and lowering of cholesterol and LDL (low-density lipoproteins). This is due to the polyphenol, Punicalagins, found only in pomegranate fruit.
  6. This plant is similar to the ovaries of women, it acts like bioidentical hormones, helping with both estrogen and testosterone level balance.
  7. It may also help with diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance and lowering blood sugar.

 A study in the journal, Scientific Reports, from 2015, PU improves mitochondrial energy in your cells and its enzymes to prevent HFD (high-fat diet) induced cardiac/metabolic disorders. This could help control the increasing prevalence of Obesity in the world today.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., an internationally recognized expert in nutrition said that PU is one of the few food compounds, besides mushrooms, that contain natural aromatase inhibitors. So, Punicalagins, have the ability to inhibit the production of estrogens and supports healthy breast tissue.


Side Effects of Pomegranate Oil

There have been reports of irritation for those with sensitive skin, try only a small area for the first usage.

Internally, it can cause an upset stomach, use only small amounts, the oil is very strong.


Pomegranate products are definitely a superfood for the whole body in any form you use; fresh fruit, juice, arils, powder or oil. You can’t go wrong with this healthy addition to your food pantry.


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Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist and Nutritional Health Consultant.  Helps individuals start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness. Cindy is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur of several businesses.





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