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Tropical Holistic

Organic Yellow Beeswax Granules (Pellets) 1lb

$ 17.95 USD

  • GENUINE ORGANIC BEESWAX made by real bees. This is in the convenient yellow granule pellet form. We give you a full One Pound to use and enjoy. This has the refreshing beeswax aroma everyone loves. This is great for relieving stress and promoting relaxation.
  • FILTERED FOR PURITY. This takes out all the debris that accompanies beehives. This makes your beeswax more pure and healthy. You will love the excellent cleanliness and small pellet size that makes this beeswax so easy to use.
  • GREAT FOR SKIN problems and healing chapped damaged areas. Works great for diaper rash, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema. Works well for chapped, dried lips and any other area of skin that is damaged from wind, sun, and lack of humidity. Beeswax may help relieve pain and is anti-inflammatory.

  • BOOST HEALTH - Bees are among nature's most amazing creatures. Their wax is completely natural with no chemicals or toxins of any kind. Ours is organic so you don't have to worry about agricultural chemicals that could pollute the wax. Very safe for everyone in the family including children.