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100% Pure Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil 2 oz

$ 15.95 USD

100% PURE, NOTHING ELSE ADDED - Our Premium Quality Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is 100% Pure & Organic – No Fillers, No Additives, No Chemicals, No Alcohol, No Fragrance and Not Diluted.
  • PURE PREMIUM BUCKTHORN Seed Oil from the sea. This is nature's healing, beautifying wonder used in many medicines and natural treatments. Here we bring it to you 100% pure and unrefined for extra potency. This is cold pressed, extra virgin to give the maximum benefits not available in lesser formulations. Get this pure 2 fl. oz. that's amazing for keeping your body healthy and beautiful.
  • FOR FACE, BODY, HAIR for clear, blemish free skin and a healthy, younger look. Massage a few drops into face and hair to enrich scalp, fight acne, and promote effective anti-aging. Helps stop dryness associated with cold weather, dry seasons, and time in the sun. Also makes nails stronger and healthier looking.
  • RICH IN VITAMINS C, E, A, and Beta-Carotene. Also filled with beneficial minerals and essential amino acids. Gives your body the wholesome nutrients it needs to repair, replenish, rejuvenate, and look and feel years younger. A must for anyone who misses out on good nutrition due to a modern diet and lifestyle
  • SAFE, BOTTLED IN USA to the very highest standards. This is 100% pure Buckthorn Seed Oil with no fillers or additives. No wonder it's so potent, strong, and naturally effective. This will stay fresh for up to 2 years thanks to the dark dropper bottle that helps prevent oxidation.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil

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