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100% Pure Virgin Maracuja(Passion Fruit) Oil 2 oz

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100% PURE, NOTHING ELSE ADDED - Our Premium Quality Passion Fruit Oil is 100% Pure & Organic – No Fillers, No Additives, No Chemicals, No Alcohol, No Fragrance and Not Diluted.
  • PASSIONFRUIT SEED MARACUJA OIL is the 100% guaranteed all natural 2oz that with ultimate potency and effectiveness. This is virgin, cold pressed, and unrefined to give you the finest results. It stays fresh and effective in the dark bottle for up to 18 months of remarkable natural benefits.

     * MOISTURIZES, REJUVENATES SKIN for a more beautiful and younger you. Works for both women and men to fight wrinkles and fine lines. Helps heal damaged and dry skin for the creation of younger cells. Soothing relief for chapped lips. Also helps strengthen nails.

     * FILLED WITH RICH NUTRIENTS including Vitamins A, C and essential fatty acids most diets are missing. Works wonders for hair helping to give you richer growth, more thickness, and youthful color. Simply massage a few drops into hair or add a bit to your favorite treatment or solution. A little pure Maracuja Oil goes a long way.

     * SAFE, BOTTLED IN USA to the highest standards of quality. This is BPA free with none of the additives, stretchers, and impurities found in many store brands. Insist on this 100% pure virgin cold pressed Passionfruit Seed Oil that naturally beautifies skin, face, and hair. You will love the natural fruity aroma.


Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Passion Fruit Oil

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