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Tropical Holistic

Organic Mongongo Oil 2fl oz - Pure and Natural Face Oil for Skin Care

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What You Need: Tired of investing in expensive salons or cosmetics which never seem to deliver the wanted results? Would you like to enjoy a properly nourished, hydrated skin and hair from the comfort of your home? The Tropical Holistic Mongongo facial oil is the perfect choice!

Organic and Pure Formula: This skin oil is made with premium quality, all-natural ingredient, a unique and powerful natural oil made by cold pressed extracting from the nut of the mongongo. No GMOs or harmful chemicals you need to worry about!

Nourishes Damaged Hair: Dealing with brittle, damaged hair prone to breaking can be a challenge. This multipurpose hair oil is rich in essential nutrients, keeping your hair protected against external damaging factors, while restoring its natural shine and silky texture!

Hydrates Skin: With just a few drops of our Tropical Holistic Mongongo oil, you’ll be able to enjoy a plump, smooth and well-hydrated skin on a daily basis! Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this facial oil gently cleanses and moisturizes, without clogging the pores!

Easy to Apply: Unlike similar products on the market, this organic oil for face and hair arrives in a practical amber glass container with convenient applicator pump, being easy to dose. Add it to your shampoo, conditioner or daily skin moisturizer cream and enjoy the benefits!

Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Mongongo Oil

No Additives - All Natural

Sourced: Zimbabwe

Cold Pressed/Unrefined/Virgin/Organic