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Tropical Holistic

Raw Cocoa Butter Wafers (8 ounce) - 100% Natural Unrefined, Non-Deodorized, Organic Fair Trade

$ 15.95 USD

Please note: Summer is a hot month!  Cocoa Butter melts at 94°F.  We cannot guarantee that cocoa butter wafers will not melt in transit.
  • 100% ORGANIC COCOA BUTTER WAFERS are the pure cocoa butter you need for natural skin and hair care. Filled with rich Vitamin E and antioxidants to make hair more beautiful, younger looking, and easier to manage. Helps moisturize skin, reduces stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines for a younger look.
  • FRESH, RAW, FOOD GRADE cocoa butter just right for all your favorite recipes, delicious smoothies, mouthwatering shakes, and amazing rich chocolate butter coffee. A steaming cup will redefine what great coffee can be!
  • SMOOTH AND SILKY quality that gives chocolate it's smooth delicious characteristic. This is one of the most stable natural fats in the world. It's very rich in nutrition. Wonderful chocolate aroma from real premium cocoa beans harvested in organic fields of Peru. Packaged in USA. Guaranteed 3-year shelf life.
  • PURE NATURAL ORGANIC and Fair Trade Certified for ethical production. Vegan Friendly with no animal testing. Enjoy a generous 8 ounces in wafers convenient for measuring. Apply to skin and hair to heal and rejuvenate.