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Silver French Press 33 oz by Choice

$ 19.99 USD

French press style coffee is among the world's most popular coffee brewing due to the  consistent extraction it provides resulting in a much richer and flavorful cup of coffee. Best of all, using a French press is not just a fast way to make your coffee - it is also very easy to make use of!

  • Perfect for brewing  several c ups of coffee or tea.
  • Serve your coffee or tea in style with this beautiful silver accents.
  • Enjoy the concentrated taste without leaving residue in the pitcher
  • Delivers an authentic taste every time
  • Just add ground coffee to the unit, add hot water, stir, steep or at least 4 minutes and serve 

Hand Wash Only

To preserve quality, this item should only be hand-washed and sanitized.

*This is not a Blessing In The Cup brand or affiliation with Choice. 

This product is offered to our customers to enhanced a 1-stop shop experience!

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