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Virgin Organic Moringa Oil 2 oz - Cold Pressed Unrefined

$ 16.95 USD

* HIGHEST QUALITY MORINGA OIL virgin organic in the popular 2oz bottle. This very popular oil is pure and pressed from the seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree often found in Asia where it is considered a super food. 

 * GREAT FOR SKIN AND HAIR. Simply massage a few drops into skin, face, and hair before bed for maximum results. Helps skin restore and rejuvenate. Moisturizes while soothing damaged skin. It's an excellent emollient that makes skin and hair look and feel much better. You get that youthful shine and elasticity.

 * LIGHT OIL, NOT GREASY. It's used in a lot of superior hair creams, conditioners, skin lotions and body butters. Now you can use pure virgin Moringa Oil without all the extra ingredients and stretchers found in other products. Ideal for massage and aromatherapy. Spreads easily on skin with no greasy residue.

VIRGIN ORGANIC MORINGA OIL pressed from the seeds of the Moringa tree. This is often called ben oil because it has a high concentration of Behenic Acid. This is a highly beneficial fatty acid that forms a protective barrier against the environment. You get healthier, more youthful skin. It serves as a lubricant and emollient with soothing properties. This helps restore your skin's natural oils while improving hydration. Your skin looks so much more beautiful. Simply massage in a few drops each night before bed for maximum results.
Please note: This product is 100% pure unrefined virgin moringa oil. Natural variations in color and aroma may occur. Moringa oil will solidify at cool temperatures and a thick waxy layer will form in the bottle. This thick waxy layer will cause the color of the oil to appear more of a milky white liquid in color. So rest assured your oil is not bad as Moringa Oil is one of the most stable Cosmetic Oils on the market!

Real authentic Moringa oil without additives will vary in color based on temperature and natural color varies from greenish/yellow to milky appearance liquid.